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Viezu are one of the world's leading vehicle tuning and ecu remapping providers, this sounds like a big claim, we don’t make it lightly though. The Viezu tuning products and services are the result of many years of research and development, we aim to offer an unrivalled tuning product range and service for all customers, be it high end motorsport tuning, or fleet tuning for fuel economy.


Viezu have a tailored and dedicated service to meet your tuning needs. Because the Viezu tuning software is developed in house we can custom tailored it to the vehicle and the driver’s requirements. Our research and development facilities are open to our customers to inspect and the technical team will always be happy to explain in depth the tuning being developed and installed on your vehicle.  Viezu is the only vehicle tuning provider to be fully insured, guaranteed and ISO Certified – Please feel free to ask for details of our customer standards and awards.


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Viezu has a unique range of tuning upgrades and tuning services for almost all modern vehicles, both petrol engines (including normally aspirated, turbo and supercharged engines) and turbo-diesels. We also stock a huge range or performance parts and upgrades, including supercharger pulleys, exhaust systems and suspension upgrades.

All Viezu approved tuning centres have Viezu factory trained technicians, trained to the very highest standards, who can work on a wide range of vehicles, delivering the very best in customer service and results for your tuning. As you will see from the products and services tab here, we have a significant range of vehicle tuning services, including our award winning BlueOprimize fuel economy and emission reduction tuning which is used by the largest fleet and vehicle operators as well as private motorists to reduce their fuel bills, high performance motorsports tuning, road use performance tuning, custom modification parts and exhaust systems, to commercial vehicles, agricultural tuning and marine applications too.

Viezu can offer you a number of tuning solutions specially selected and developed to meet your personal requirements. And with our worldwide dealer network operating in over 47 different countries in over 500 locations, where ever you and what ever your vehicle tuning needs – we are here to help.

Viezu, where there’s no such thing as one size fits all!


The products and services we offer are:


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Economy Tuning

Performance Tuning

Fleet Tuning

Diesel Particulate Filter


Commercial Vehicles


DSG Tuning

Special Projects

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