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Viezu WinOLS Training – VTA WinOLs Training Courses

Friday, November 13th, 2015 by andy

Viezu WinOLS Training – VTA WinOLs Training Courses
WinOLS VTA Training Courses are the most important course any tuner in the world should attend. Training courses in WinOLS are also some of the rarest things to behold anywhere in the world. This is why Viezu Technologies is offering VTA training courses in the correct use of WinOLS.

This developer level tuning suite is the most advanced program a tuner could wish to use. But so many tuners either don’t have it yet or worse still, they have it but don’t know how to use it.

That’s where the Viezu Technical Academy comes in. We are able to provide extensive training in the WinOLS. Taking people through the use of WinOLS, learning the commands and logic of the software, how to create projects correctly, learn to make map packs, correct method of import and function checks. see more on our WinOLS training here

Learn how to use WinOLS with the Viezu VTA training courses and develop your business further than you thought possible. A greater understanding the functioning of the ECU, how the maps in the ECU really work and communicate in order to make the engine work. Check out our WinOLS courses here

The WinOLS course will help clear the fog of mystery that surrounds WinOLS teaching you how to get the most out of the software and increase your knowledge and understanding to maximise its potential and help grow your business further.

WinOLS is a must have program. But you need to know how to use it and how to use it correctly!!!

You need to attend a Viezu Technical Academy WinOLS training course as soon as possible. Your business cannot afford to wait and miss out on this vital information.

Check out the Viezu Technical Academy courses today! Click here to learn more

Toyota Blade 2006 petrol 2.4 litre – Toyota Car remapping available

Friday, October 30th, 2015 by andy

Viezu Technologies are very excited to announce the recent release of the new car tuning available for the Toyota Blade. The Toyota Blade petrol 2006 2.4 litre model is the newest addition to Viezu Technologies car tuning.

Toyota Blade 2006 Petrol 2.4 litre

The Toyota Blade is a high-class stylish hatchback with a new appeal, offering fun with eye-catching advanced styling, in an easy to handle size. By equipping the compact body with 2.4 litre engine, the Toyota Blade exhibits vibrant performance with power, the sculpted form evokes the feeling of the vehicles powerful driving and performance. Here at Viezu technologies we now have the ability to be able to offer ECU recalibration on this vehicle, this will give greater appeal which we would not have imagined. In addition, it has outstanding environmental performance. The already impressive 2.4 engine, performs excellently with a Viezu remap, unlocking the vehicles hidden potential.

Car Tuning for Toyota Blade 2006 petrol 2.4 litre

That’s not all the Toyota Blade like all cars that we tune at our head offices receive a free MOT Euro 6 emissions test before and after remap, so you can see exactly what the remap does to your emissions.

If you are interested in getting your Toyota Blade please contact us or one of our worldwide dealer network, this is an exciting direction for car tuning to be heading in, there is more to come, do not miss out. Visit us at, or join us on,,

Toyota Hilux ECU Tuning and Toyota Remapping

Friday, October 23rd, 2015 by andy

Toyota Hilux Tuning, the Toyota Hilux is the iconic workhorse of the Toyota brand, renowned for its reliability and robustness. Viezu is now pleased to announce engine remapping for the Toyota Hilux 2.5, 3.0 diesel and the 2.7 petrol engines. The remap is customized to the individual customer requirements for economy, performance or even a bit of both. So whenever you’re after fuel economy or wish to turn your workhorse in to a work-animal, Viezu Technologies has you covered. Viezu Technologies custom remaps are all made in house on our 3000bhp Mustang Dyno, so you know you will get possible remap if you come to us or one of our worldwide dealers.

The Toyota Hilux 2500 and 3000 engines with factory settings are certainly not to be scoffed at, but here at Viezu Technologies we commonly hear from Hilux drivers that engine is a little lacking especially when towing and pulling away. But why we ask, settle for “a little bit lacking” when Viezu Technologies can unlock the full potential of your vehicle with an engine remap, ensuring full value for money. 2700 engine is a big engine for a big vehicle so it’s just asking for engine tuning to unlock the hidden away performance, which the vehicle and drivers are asking for. Viezu Technologies ECU recalibration is normally done in a couple of hours completely transforming the Toyota Hilux. For more information on our performance tuning please click here

Also for your peace of mind Viezu Technologies offer free Euro 6 MOT emissions testing before and after vehicle tuning. So if you are interested in invigorating your Toyota Hilux Tuning and remapping, please contact Viezu Technologies to book in today! Please see our website for more details –

Car Tuning Tips and Free ECU Remapping Demonstration and Training Days

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 by Viezu

Car Tuning Tips and Free ECU Remapping Demonstration and Training Days

Many people interested in car tuning and ecu remapping don’t always get the full picture explained, its easy to become confused, if you are looking at moving into car tuning, chip tuning or ecu remapping our advice is hold on, slow down and take a good look at your options.

Too many people interested in moving into car tuning get bad advice or rush their decision thinking its all just about price, they may be considering operating either as a dealer offering car tuning and ecu remapping services, or writing their own master tuning files and operating a master tuning system – there is much to consider.

Golden Tips for Car Tuning Operators

If you are looking at moving into car tuning and ecu remapping, or choosing a tuning software provider here are our golden rules:

• Very importantly – Go and see your potential car tuning software provider, this is not an industry where you can “fake it until you make it” one wrong ecu remapping tuning file can close you down! You need to know your remap software provider and master file provider can support you and know what they are doing – don’t buy on the phone or internet.
• Check out their facilities – never meet at “your place” or a hotel – you need to know they are the real deal, not just a flash website
• Do they have a dyno – if not how exactly are they going to support you and write quality tuning files – library and formula files will not give you the flexibility and quality you need to grow your business.
• Choose a car tuning and ecu remap provider that can prove they emission test their tuning files – this is really important and is really a legal requirement
• Do they really write all their own car tuning software, many claim to, but few do, it’s important otherwise they will provide library files that can cause many issues, and they will not be able to correct these issues or custom tailor the file to your customer’s needs – this will lose you business. Insist on a detailed demonstration by them of their skills. Drive it before you buy it.
• Is their technical support and training free – it must be, if they want to charge you for support and training, your best interest is clearly not their priority!
• You want a tuning provider that gives free marketing support, ask them how will they help you grow your tuning business.
• Quality matters – of course price is important, but a cheap service, with little back up and support offering cheap tuning files – can be very expensive! And may just close your business before your open day balloons have deflated, you need quality support and quality tuning – never touch a tuner who will not give you a money back guarantee on all the services they offer
• You need a professional team behind you to support you – avoid anyone offering tuning files and ecu remapping tuning support who don’t have a serious technical support team – you should be looking for 365 days a year support as well as a tuning file and tuning support service from at least 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week, its what your customers will ask for.
• Are they insured for writing tuning files. Run a mile if you can’t see both public liability and product liability specifically for ecu remapping and car tuning services – your customers will want to see this – so you do want a copy in your hand! If they don’t have it, do not use them no matter what they offer, you are only exposing you and your business.
• Number one golden rule – can you move your tool? If it all goes wrong and you are not happy will they release your tool so another remap provider can take over – some tuners charge a fee for this, but some poor tuners will not release tools at all ever, you have paid your money and now you are stuck with them, your tool is locked and you cant leave! – its money thrown away. Never ever sign up or buy a tool from a tuner who will not put it in writing that they will release the tool if you ask.

Iso certification, awards, independent testimonials are all good pointers too, you need to look for quality support if you are going to make it in this industry.

Back to our first tip – Go and see your potential ecu remapping tuning partner and support provider.

To help explain the car tuning and remap industry Viezu offer completely free no obligation demonstration days, you can come and meet the technical support team, the marketing team, see the different tools on the market, see tuning files being developed and written, and learn to use the ecu remapping tools and car tuning process.

We offer free car tuning demonstrations days at least once a month, the days are ideal for those looking at client car tuning dealers dealer, and master tuning system operators. If you cant make it – we understand, so we offer skypr sessions too.

We also offer completely free marketing and tuning business building seminars to all our dealers – we are as serious about your tuning business are you are

Here are just a couple of our upcoming demonstration and car tuning training days, but we run them all the time


Whatever your car tuning, chip tuning, and ecu remapping requirements or questions, we know we can support you – come and see us and we will prove it

Mail us if we can help at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Viezu – leading the way in quality car tuning and ecu remapping.

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 by Viezu

Viezu – leading the way in quality car tuning and ecu remapping.

After a detailed audit by the British Standards Institute, (the BSI) today Viezu are very pleased to announce that we remain ISO certified for Vehicle tuning and training through 2013.

We are very proud to be the only tuning provider to be audited by the BSI, but do find it slightly disappointing that other tuning and ecu remapping providers have chosen not to become registered. As far as we know Viezu remains the only ISO Certified tuning and ecu remapping training provider.
For further information please see

The Viezu Tuning Shop Is Now Open

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by Viezu

The Viezu shop is now online and open

Inside the Viezu shop we have a range of tuning products, parts and services, including training car tuning course, ecu remapping for a huge range of cars, performance exhaust systems, diesel tuning boxes and the Viezu V-switch

You can see the shop here:

V-box, diesel tuning boxes

V-switch, Viezu’s home tuning system, offering power, performance and economy tuning,

Car tuning courses, Courses

And car tuning and ecu remapping here:

You can find the Viezu store on our home page at

Viezu Dealer Training and Support – Dealer Seminars 2012

Friday, September 28th, 2012 by Viezu

Viezu Dealer Training and Support – Dealer Seminars 2012

Thursday saw the most recent of our dealer seminars, this year rather than one large seminar for all Viezu dealers, we have chosen to hold smaller group sessions, taking the format of workshops rather than formal presentations, the sessions focus on support, sales, product presentation, marketing and very importantly fleet tuning and B2B customers

We had a good day with some of our best dealers, we often feel tuning can be quite a “remote” business, so it’s always so good to meet our dealers and for them to meet each other to share ideas and work together. We treat tuning very seriously, and we know car tuning dealers need the very best support, the best tuning tools and equipment and to be up to speed with the very fast paced tuning industry – we love these days and we hope all that attended had a great time

Viezu, offer ecu remapping and car tuning services worldwide, ecu tuning all makes and models of vehicle. Find your local Viezu car tuning dealer at www.viezu/dealer-map

You can see more information on ecu remapping and car tuning with Viezu here:

Viezu – We never settle for second place!

Global first for aftermarket tuner: Viezu ISO Certification

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 by Viezu

Global first for aftermarket tuner: Viezu ISO Certification

Viezu Technologies, one of the world’s leading and fastest growing aftermarket vehicle  tuning and ECU remapping company’s, has achieved a global industry first by becoming fully ISO 9001 certified

The news comes hot on the heels of an official audit which confirmed that Viezu met all the stringent quality criteria to be bestowed the prestigious internationally recognised standard.

Paul Busby, CEO, Viezu, said: “To be the first car engine tuning company in the world to achieve ISO 9001 is great news for Viezu and our customers. It clearly demonstrates our on-going commitment to producing high-quality, market leading products backed up by a first class after sales support.

“Of course, customers of Viezu approved dealers already had the confidence of knowing that all of our products are fully insured, with a money back guarantee, but this independent accolade gives an extra reassurance and is proof of the highest standards we maintain.”

Although nearly all the strict processes were already in place before embarking on ISO certification almost four years ago, Viezu has also substantially invested in new equipment and staff training to ensure it reached the stringent management processes required.

The news also means that Viezu approved dealers can say that the processes and development use to produce the electronic files, (ECU Remapping files) they use are ISO compliant, a strong reassurance to customers who previously may have been reluctant to have had their car retuned.

To achieve ISO 9001 status Viezu demonstrated to The British Standards Institution (BSI) that they had rigid quality management systems in place, including their Technical Training Academy,  (Viezu’s in house car tuning training and car tuning software training centre), thorough staff training, processes for new product development and implementation, and even how they interface with customers.

Paul added: “Although ISO certification benefits our business, we also have the aim of lifting the industry standard and hope other car tuning companies follow suit.

“This award is also particularly important for our Special Projects Team, who already work with a number of car manufacturers, and after market tuning providers helping them to meet increasingly stringent emissions legislation without any sacrifice to performance. This gives a further ‘stamp of approval’ and makes our services and products even more attractive to other vehicle manufacturers.”

Only recently Viezu doubled the size of its technical team and appointed a general manager as a result of the unprecedented demand for its services.

The company has now developed more than 15,000 individual ECU programmes. In some instances Viezu’s products give drivers a massive 15% improvement in fuel economy and 40% reduction in vehicle emissions.

Viezu Blue Letter Tuning Experience Days

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 by Viezu

Viezu Blue Letter Tuning Experience Days

The driving experience day with a difference, you get to drive it home.

For the true motoring enthusiast Viezu has put together a very special car tuning experience day that really can give you something to drive on about.      

Exclusive learn to tune day

Why have your car tuned, when you can learn to tune it yourself with VIP hospitality, we can now offer the petrol heads dream come true training and tuning day, see your car tested in the Viezu dynamometer cell, and then be guided, coached and trained in the fine art of engine tuning and car ecu remapping, you will learn the all aspects of vehicle tuning and ecu remapping including:

  • The Viezu McInce methodology (Mapwriting In Controlled Environments)
  • Using Master software and hardware for file recalibration
  • Identify and joining file programmes
  • ECU Types, program maps, controls and selections for modification
  • Tuning file writing and modification
  • Dyno testing  

All the mysteries of tuning are stripped away as you can learn what it is to be a master car tuner, tuning you own car to perfection with carful and expert guidance from the Viezu team.

This hands on tuning experience day should not be missed and includes real life tuning training on the latest map ecu map writing software and techniques used by the Viezu experts to tune top performing motor sport vehicles.

Prices from £1000 + vat per day, which includes all training, refreshments,  photos /  video, certificate of completion, dyno and emission results, as well of course as the custom creation and testing of your bespoke vehicle tuning file for you to drive home.   

Group bookings are available  


Please call: +44 (0) 1527 579345 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details

The Award Winning Viezu

Friday, July 22nd, 2011 by Viezu

We are very pleased to announce Viezu Scooped the Innovation in Technology Award at the Chamber of Commerce Awards

and were International Business of the year finalists


Prestigious innovation award for engine tuning specialist
Bromsgrove-based Viezu recognised for helping motorists save 50,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions


Viezu Technologies, one of the UK’s leading aftermarket engine tuning companies, has been recognised for its innovation and technological expertise with a prestigious award win.

The Bromsgrove based company received Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Innovation Through Technology’ award at last night’s gala ceremony for its Blue Optimize™ a CO2 reducing and fuel saving tuning service, which helps drivers save fuel and money, as well as reduce their CO2 footprint.  In just 36 months and since the launch of Blue Optimize™, the company estimates that it has helped motorists to reduce their CO2 emissions by more than 50,000 tonnes.

“With record fuel prices, difficult economic conditions and growing concerns for our environment, there’s never been a more important time for drivers to consider having an ECU program upgrade,” explains Paul Busby, Chief Executive Viezu Technologies. “Winning this important accolade is a fantastic achievement which we are delighted with. It’s also a clear recognition of our creative use of technology to help drivers and businesses cut their motoring bills and their environmental impact.”

Viezu’s expertise comes as a result of many years of research, development and experience in the automotive industry. The company’s in-house team of four specialist software engineers develop high-quality and reliable updates to a vehicle’s ECU, changing the performance characteristics from the original settings. The new settings can deliver significant improvements for drivers or tailored performance such as improved power, torque or fuel economy.

The company has now developed more than 15,000 individual ECU programs meaning that over 90 percent of all modern European vehicles can be tuned by a Viezu-approved dealer. In some instances Viezu’s products give drivers a massive 20 percent improvement in fuel economy offering businesses; in particular, potential savings of thousands of pounds every year and a rapid return on their investment.

Emphasising the impact and success of the business, it was also named as a finalist in the Chamber’s ‘International Business of the Year’ award. Two years ago its entire business was UK-based but after significant growth and expansion, nearly half of the company’s sales come from overseas where it has more than 210 dealers located in 34 countries around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Russia and China. Its UK dealer network has now also expanded to 90 dealers.

“The UK still has exceptional expertise in developing high-value products and services which are in great demand around the world,” continues Busby. “We’re thrilled to be recognised for our efforts in these areas and I’m sure that with our continued investment and commitment to excellence and quality, we will continue to wave the flag proudly for the West Midlands and the UK.”

For more information about Viezu or its engine remapping service, please visit