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Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 tuning at Viezu

Monday, November 30th, 2015 by andy

The Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 is an impressive vehicle that showcases everything you love about Land Rover Discovery’s with a perfect combination of both performance and luxury. The Land Rover Discovery is on it fourth generation and with its 3.0-liter engine the vehicle is certainly not sluggish for a vehicle of its size.

Here a Viezu Technologies we take this already impressive vehicle and give it the love that it deserves with a custom Viezu map, that unleashes the vehicles true potential. With performance gains of 35hp and 70Nm of torque, it really does improve the Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6, making your vehicle feel like you’ve just brought a brand new vehicle all over again.

But if performance is not what you’re after, but would like that fuel tank to last a little longer then a Blue Optimize map from Viezu is perfect for you. The Blue Optimize can offer fuel savings of up to 15% on like for like driving, but that not all even with our economy map you still see impressive gains of 20bhp and 40NM of torque.

So what are you waiting for, why don’t you give your Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0 SDV6 the treatment it deserves and get it booked in for a Viezu remap today!

Viezu BlueOptimize economy tuning confirmed as a route to cleaner air

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 by andy

Viezu BlueOptimize economy tuning confirmed as a route to cleaner air
New independent testing carried out at a VCA approved facility has confirmed the emissions reducing capability of Viezu’s BlueOptimize remapping service.
Already hugely popular with van fleet managers around the UK who are keen to cut their fuel bills and emissions output, BlueOptimize was tested on a standard 2013 Ford Transit 2.2 tdci to the New European Drive Cycle test (NEDC). Analysis of the results showed that as a consequence of Viezu’s engine remapping, the vehicle’s Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) output was slashed by more than 17 percent. Furthermore, the van’s fuel consumption was also improved, meaning the total amount of fuel burnt, and therefore overall emissions, was also lowered. See our fleet services here

“With recent concerns about emission levels, it was important that our fleet customers could have the added confidence about BlueOptimize’s air quality credentials brought about by certified independent testing,” explains Linda Busby, managing director, Viezu Technologies. “These results prove this to be the case and show that fleets can clean up their emissions while also saving fuel and even improving vehicle driveability at the same time.”

Ethical and responsible remapping has been at the core of Viezu’s business for many years. Its BlueOptimize service was launched in 2012 and since then more than 250k vehicles including some of the largest fleets on UK roads have had their emission levels and fuel consumption improved with the service.

Viezu’s team of in-house software engineers develop bespoke engine maps for every vehicle, taking into account the vehicle’s typical drive cycle, load and other key characteristics. The engine map is then modified to introduce factors such as rev or throttle limiting to ensure that performance is improved, without any detrimental impact on the environment.

Vehicle emissions have been under extreme scrutiny this year after the High Court air quality ruling in April. Indeed, it is thought that more than 29,000 premature deaths occur each year in the UK as a result of poor air quality, which is being largely blamed on NOx emissions from diesel vehicles.

“Real world testing carried out by both ourselves and our customers have shown even more significant improvements,” adds Busby. “However, now we are pleased to be able to back this up with certified data which confirms the environmental and fuel saving possibilities available with BlueOptimize.”

Fleets keen to explore the emissions, fuel and money saving opportunities achievable by BlueOptimize are invited to visit or call 01789 774444 or see

Range Rover Evoque T SI4 2011 Onwards Remapping

Saturday, November 21st, 2015 by andy

Viezu Technologies can remap the fantastic Range Rover Evoque T SI4 2011 onwards via the OBD Port, with a developed a map for this truly fantastic vehicle that will excite and provide gains of up to 30 BHP and 60 NM of torque. This customised remap will transform this already fantastic vehicle and provide a better response and smoother driveability.

As you can see from the pictures what a fantastic vehicle that does not look out of place in the country or the city, a versatile vehicle that provides power and performance with compromising quality. To be able to offer a loyal Land Rover client’s the opportunity to remap these fantastic vehicles is a true achievement.  With our ECU remapping we provide the ingredients to provide additional torque and power to make driving even more effortless.

The Standard Evoque delivers a top speed of 135 MPH and 237 BHP with 251 LB of torque add on to this the improvements Viezu can remap and this takes the torque to over 300 FTLB of torque. Fuel economy does not suffer either and you can potentially improve the standard 32.5 MPG average with our ECU Remap.

The additional torque will help when pulling a heavy load as it takes the stress of pulling caravans, trailers and any item that normally puts additional load on the engine all via the OBD port. By smoother out the engine map this creates a more reactive responsive drive.

We now also offer Wheels for this fantastic Range Rover available on request.  Please look at our links or

Toyota Yaris 1.3 VVT-i Tuning available from Viezu Toyota Tuning

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 by andy

Toyota Yaris 1.3 VVT-i Tuning available with Viezu Toyota Tuning
Further to our other announcements Viezu is report support for the Toyota Yaris 1.3 VVT-i. This, along with our wide support for other Toyota models and engines, is a huge breakthrough within the tuning world with Viezu Technologies being one of the first to offer mass support for the Toyota marquee.

The Toyota Yaris, also known as the Toyota Vitz and Toyota Belta in other markets, is a subcompact car built by Toyota to replace the Starlet. As of 2010 the Yaris has sold over 3.5 million examples in over 70 countries.

The exact engine model of Toyota Yaris that is currently supported is the 1.3 VVT-i – 1296cc – 85HP manufactured from 2006 onwards.

Toyota Yaris 1.3 VVT-i now available for tuning with Viezu Technologies.

Our Remap and How It Works
With our insured-backed guaranteed remaps you can choose our full performance remap, extracting the most horsepower and torque from the engine without impacting the lifespan of your engine. For more information about our Toyota Yaris tuning can be found here

Using our state of the art tuning equipment we can connect directly to the ECU to extract the data needed for tuning. This is done using our famous finger probe set and BDM frame to ensure no marks are left behind. From this we then take the data and tune to your requirements. This is then loaded back onto the vehicle’s ECU ready for you to drive away and enjoy.

For more information please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact us on 01789 774444 to discuss this service or any further information on what a tune can do for your vehicle.

Viezu Launches Toyota Premio Tuning – Toyota Tuning at Viezu

Monday, November 16th, 2015 by andy

Viezu Launches Toyota Premio Tuning – even more Toyota Tuning now at Viezu
Viezu Technologies is delighted to announce that Toyota Premio vehicle tuning is now being offered, continuing the range of Viezu’s Toyota vehicle remapping capabilities (you can find more information on Viezu’s Toyota tuning capabilities here

The first generation Toyota Premio sedan was launched in Japan in 2001, and along with its sister variant the Allion, sits between the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry models (Viezu’s full range of Toyota vehicle tuning can be found here The second (and now tuneable) generation launched in 2007. It comes with three engine derivatives, with the petrol 1.8 vvti perfect for tuning.

For the first time the 1.8 vvti petrol engine in the Toyota Premio since 2007 can be remapped on the bench, enabling the vehicle’s ECU to be remapped for either fuel economy or performance, or a combination of both, providing a smoother delivery of power and subsequent driving experience. Typical tuning improvements can improve the Toyota 1.8 vvti petrol Premio performance by up to 12 BHP and 20 Nm or torque depending on the Viezu vehicle remapping option chosen.

For more detail of what improvements a Viezu Toyota Premio remap can offer please go to [TO BE INSERTED]. You can also check out our latest videos here and keep up to date on our latest Toyota tuning (amongst others!) here

Viezu WinOLS Training – VTA WinOLs Training Courses

Friday, November 13th, 2015 by andy

Viezu WinOLS Training – VTA WinOLs Training Courses
WinOLS VTA Training Courses are the most important course any tuner in the world should attend. Training courses in WinOLS are also some of the rarest things to behold anywhere in the world. This is why Viezu Technologies is offering VTA training courses in the correct use of WinOLS.

This developer level tuning suite is the most advanced program a tuner could wish to use. But so many tuners either don’t have it yet or worse still, they have it but don’t know how to use it.

That’s where the Viezu Technical Academy comes in. We are able to provide extensive training in the WinOLS. Taking people through the use of WinOLS, learning the commands and logic of the software, how to create projects correctly, learn to make map packs, correct method of import and function checks. see more on our WinOLS training here

Learn how to use WinOLS with the Viezu VTA training courses and develop your business further than you thought possible. A greater understanding the functioning of the ECU, how the maps in the ECU really work and communicate in order to make the engine work. Check out our WinOLS courses here

The WinOLS course will help clear the fog of mystery that surrounds WinOLS teaching you how to get the most out of the software and increase your knowledge and understanding to maximise its potential and help grow your business further.

WinOLS is a must have program. But you need to know how to use it and how to use it correctly!!!

You need to attend a Viezu Technical Academy WinOLS training course as soon as possible. Your business cannot afford to wait and miss out on this vital information.

Check out the Viezu Technical Academy courses today! Click here to learn more

Toyota Rav 4 2.2 D4-D Diesel Tuning at Viezu Technologies

Friday, November 13th, 2015 by andy

With the latest evolution in tuning we can now offer remapping and tuning on Toyota Rav 4 D4-D models. Our new development allows us to ECU remap otherwise known as chip tuning for the Toyota Rav 4 D4-D.

Fuel economy tuning can be carried out saving you money on your diesel bills while still maintaining original engine performance on your Toyota Rav 4 D4-D. We are able to provide this type of ECU tuning on a range of Toyota Rav 4 models from 2006 onwards.

We also support performance ECU tuning on Toyota Rav 4 2.2 D4-D models from 2006 onwards giving increases in overall horsepower throughout the rev range, but perhaps more importantly we can increase the torque from your Toyota Rav 4 D4-D engine improving driveability; a huge advantage if you are towing or carrying weight with your Rav 4.

All of our tuning options for the Toyota Rav 4 D4-D are backed by our 30 day guarantee, we can also offer a range of other tuning solutions and components for your Toyota Rav 4 from air filters, polyurethane bushes and brakes to wheels and tyres for any condition or driving type.

Contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by calling us on 01789 774444 to discuss tuning your Toyota Rav 4 D4-D.

Diesel Tuning VBox – The easy diesel tuning plug and play tuning tool!

Thursday, November 12th, 2015 by andy

Diesel Tuning VBox – The easy diesel Tuning plug and play tuning tool!
Viezu Technologies offers diesel Vboxes, these small modules are plug and play, meaning once fitted you instantly see performance or economy gains. They are revolutionizing the tuning industry by offering vehicle performance and economy tuning that can be fitted in minutes meaning minimal downtime and without the need to remove the ECU!

you can see more here

The Diesel Vboxes support most modern vehicles, with hundreds different makes and models supported. The Viezu V-Box diesel tuning boxes are the most innovative on the market, they are full programmable and actually hold an ECU remap on the Diesel tuning box its self, so it works just like a full ecu remap, just without programming the vehicles own ECU. This means the Viezu V-Box diesel tuning boxes deliver remarkable results for both cars, and vans, and just like ECU remapping software, we can tune our diesel tuning boxes for power, performance, fuel economy or a perfect blend – don’t fit any tuning box – fit the best!

Buy – Test – Decide, with confidence

Like all our tuning, the Viezu V-Box Diesel tuning box comes with our unique 30-day money back guarantee if you are not delighted for any reason at all simply return your Diesel tuning box for a full refund for up to 30 days!

The main advantages for the Viezu V-Box Diesel Tuning Box are:

  • Quick installation – Around 15 minutes
  • Better acceleration giving a smoother response exactly where you need it
  • Fuel consumption can be improved by up to 10%
  • V-BOX improves power and torque making your vehicle feel far easier and more rewarding to drive
  • Can be transferred from Vehicle to Vehicle (subject to conditions)
  • Less intrusive – no need to change the vehicles original set up
  • Amazing coverage, almost all diesel vehicles covered
  • International shipping and home installation

If you would like to see if your vehicle is supported, please contact Viezu Technologies today to see how we can help your tuning needs. Please contact us on Phone: +44 (0) 1789 774444 or contact us here for all your car tuning and remapping needs

Car tuning and ecu remapping – get ready for your 2016 Tuning

Thursday, November 12th, 2015 by andy

Car tuning and ecu remapping – get ready for your 2016 Tuning

As the current year draws to a close and with 2016 fast approaching the question is what are you going to do to boost your tuning business and make a difference next year. The end of the year is a great time to reflect on what has worked well for you and what you could have done better. Lets make your tuning business work in 2016.
Here are just a few suggestions to make your 2016 tuning and ecu remapping bigger and better !

OBD Tuning
More cars than ever are on OBD now, VAG, Toyota is your tools out of date and limiting your coverage and profit – there has never been a better time to upgrade your tool or invest in a new one.

K-Tag Tuning
Boost your coverage (up to 40% more vehicles ) with a K-Tag bench tuning system, free training, support and advice – find yourself saying “yes we can do that” a lot more in 2016

Take on a sub dealer
Limited to just one site or location? Why not take a second tool, share your credits across two tools and boost your coverage, be it mobile or workshop based – we are here to help.

Book a Marketing course
At Viezu training and support is free to our dealers – ask us what we can do to help you grow your tuning business

Become a Master
Buy a master tuning tool, or upgrade your current system and book in for a file writing training course at Viezu

WinOLS EVC Training
If you are tuning already, take your learning to a whole new level by booking a master EVC WinOLS training course

New To Tuning ?
If you are not already tuning, but want to there are a number of ways of getting into tuning, it can almost be overwhelming with too many people offering advice and what starts out as an general enquiry can soon become a “pressured sale” that is not how we do things at Viezu, its vital this is right for you and your business. So take a look through our website and let us know if you have any questions. Or bester still – book in for one of our free training and demonstration sessions,

Car Tuning VSwitch – The home tuning revolution remapping tool

Thursday, November 12th, 2015 by andy

Car Tuning VSwitch – The home tuning revolution remapping tool
Here at Viezu technologies we are all about offering the best possible solution to customers to get their vehicle tuned. This is why we launched the VSwitch, this unique little tool allows you to become a master tuner without even leaving your home. full information on our VSwitch tuning tool can be seen here

Viezu V-Switch is a individual hand held tuning programmer that is easy to use, designed so you, the customer, can tune your vehicle yourself, giving you the power of flexibility.
Extremely easy to use and simple to operate – no need to be a computer whizz to use this tool, you can now remap your car in the comfort of your own home. The V-Switch tuning system is capable of reading and writing tuning software and settings for hundreds of different vehicles in all shapes and sizes. Uniquely, and very importantly, the V-Switch will also store up several different tuning files all custom made for the same car – the original factory setting and two modified tuning files of your own specification and requirements. This gives you the ultimate decision to get the best out of your vehicle, from an economy during the week to a power map at weekends – you decide! just contact us here if you are not sure or need any help

Tune your car to your heart’s content with the Viezu V-Switch, and change the power, performance and setting of your drive in just minutes.