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Master tuning files and car tuning software online

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 by andy

The Viezu Master tuning file database is now live online and available for your use.

What does this mean? If you are a master tuner, you now have direct access to over 4000 tuning files 24hrs a day 365 day per year, and the number of available files grows every day.

Safe, fast, highly reliable and discreet tuning at unbeatable prices here:

There is no contract and no minimum purchase, the service is just pay as you go! it is designed automated and very easy to use. All the files are tested and of the highest quality, you just choose the file you want by hardware, software or vehicle type, add it to your basket and enter your credit card to down load it – no fuss, no hassle – live when you need it.

As well as performance tuning files and economy tuning files for thousands of vehicles ready to go, there are also original stock files available too, so if you are stuck for an ID only file, or need a stock file to reset a vehicle we can help with that as well.

Further modification, i.e DPF, EGR, speed limiter moving as well as coding for specific vehicles, i.e. chassis number, check summ etc. are also available so your file is ready for upload – this too is free of charge as is technical support and assistance if you need it.

If you are not sure just ask – we are here to help!

And lastly – if you don’t see the file you want, or in the version you want, you can upload your original with a request at the same pay as you go rate, and the team will get it back to you asap, either within the hour, or as soon as the team come on shift if out of hours.

The technical support team will of course remain available if you need us, we do like to give a personal touch if we can, but we hope you find the idea of unlimited access to high quality tuning files of interest.

Files are available for all tuning tool and all tuning software, including Alientech tuning filers, Dimsport tuning files and Map3d tuning files, swiftech, software and support for kess, ecm, Genius Race 2000 and all other platforms

Car Tuning Courses – Car Tuning Training Viezu

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 by Viezu

Car Tuning Courses – Car Tuning Training Viezu

Viezu is one of the largest most established providers of car tuning software files in the world. Viezu is the name behind the tuning software being used by some of the largest and best known tuning companies around the world.

If you are interested in learning to tune cars, or attending a car tuning course or class please take a look at this video here:
Viezu are the only main stream tuning providers to let you see behind the curtain, see how to tune cars and make your own tuning software. We show you what all the other tuning companies don’t want you to see – How to tune cars yourself!

So now it’s your turn, if you want to learn to tune cars yourself, offer ecu remapping and tuning software to your customers, build your own tuning company and brand, and supply your own tuning software take a look at this video – is it time to take charge of your tuning?

You can see other car tuning videos and training videos here in our Youtube channel
Viezu car tuning courses and classes are held around the world

See further information and course dates here:

VW Amarok Tuning and ECU Remapping

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 by Viezu


VW Amarok Tuning and ECU Remapping

Here at Viezu we have been itching to get our hands on the new VW Amarok, since its launch we have had enquiries for VW Amarok Tuning, The VW Amarok is a very impressive vehicle and we just knew it was going to respond well to a little tuning. This week we were able to have an Amarok in for tuning and development. Until now most tuners seem to have struggles to obtain access to the ECU of the VW Amarok so some have fitted tuning boxes. The Viezu tech guys were keen to get to grips with the Amarok and see what could be achieved.

Using the very latest tuning software, the Viezu 3000bhp rolling road and emission equipped dyno research and development cell, the Viezu Tech team were able to develop a new range of tuning services for the VW Amarok ecu remapping.

This includes Power tuning, torque, fuel saving and Viezu signature dish, Blue Optimize tuning fuel saving and carbon reduction tuning for the VW Amarok, as well as DPF tuning services.   

Viezu take tuning very seriously, as well as winning awards, all tuning comes with international insurance, money back guarantee, and is fully custom written to the customer’s requirements, not just some flash tune that is downloaded time and time again from a nameless faceless database .

For anticipated performance results and complete vehicles listings please see:

If you are interested in our VW Amarok tuning and ecu remapping or any of our ECU remapping services please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Learn To Tune Professionally With The Viezu Car Tuning Training Academy

Friday, May 10th, 2013 by Viezu

For those that know a little about tuning, you may recognise it as torque map, you will see its been very badly modified, its really terrible, boasting a 165% increase! But in fact this is a limp home” torque map – and that it was clearly modified by a poor tuner who did not know his alterations were being copied onto all the torque maps on the car possibly one of the worst files we have ever seen

If you are tuning or want to please don’t be afraid to ask for support – we are here to help.
Whatever the tuning system you are using, you may sometimes think it’s a good idea to copy the increments over…..with disastrous results!!

Learn to do it the right way with the Viezu Training Academy (VTA). The VTA will furnish you with the confidence and all the knowledge you need to get the job done correctly and professionally.
Please feel free to find out more about the VTA here:,
to view the courses we offer here: the courses venues here:,
and testimonials here:,com_rsmonials/Itemid,441/ .

Car Tuning Tips and Free ECU Remapping Demonstration and Training Days

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 by Viezu

Car Tuning Tips and Free ECU Remapping Demonstration and Training Days

Many people interested in car tuning and ecu remapping don’t always get the full picture explained, its easy to become confused, if you are looking at moving into car tuning, chip tuning or ecu remapping our advice is hold on, slow down and take a good look at your options.

Too many people interested in moving into car tuning get bad advice or rush their decision thinking its all just about price, they may be considering operating either as a dealer offering car tuning and ecu remapping services, or writing their own master tuning files and operating a master tuning system – there is much to consider.

Golden Tips for Car Tuning Operators

If you are looking at moving into car tuning and ecu remapping, or choosing a tuning software provider here are our golden rules:

• Very importantly – Go and see your potential car tuning software provider, this is not an industry where you can “fake it until you make it” one wrong ecu remapping tuning file can close you down! You need to know your remap software provider and master file provider can support you and know what they are doing – don’t buy on the phone or internet.
• Check out their facilities – never meet at “your place” or a hotel – you need to know they are the real deal, not just a flash website
• Do they have a dyno – if not how exactly are they going to support you and write quality tuning files – library and formula files will not give you the flexibility and quality you need to grow your business.
• Choose a car tuning and ecu remap provider that can prove they emission test their tuning files – this is really important and is really a legal requirement
• Do they really write all their own car tuning software, many claim to, but few do, it’s important otherwise they will provide library files that can cause many issues, and they will not be able to correct these issues or custom tailor the file to your customer’s needs – this will lose you business. Insist on a detailed demonstration by them of their skills. Drive it before you buy it.
• Is their technical support and training free – it must be, if they want to charge you for support and training, your best interest is clearly not their priority!
• You want a tuning provider that gives free marketing support, ask them how will they help you grow your tuning business.
• Quality matters – of course price is important, but a cheap service, with little back up and support offering cheap tuning files – can be very expensive! And may just close your business before your open day balloons have deflated, you need quality support and quality tuning – never touch a tuner who will not give you a money back guarantee on all the services they offer
• You need a professional team behind you to support you – avoid anyone offering tuning files and ecu remapping tuning support who don’t have a serious technical support team – you should be looking for 365 days a year support as well as a tuning file and tuning support service from at least 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week, its what your customers will ask for.
• Are they insured for writing tuning files. Run a mile if you can’t see both public liability and product liability specifically for ecu remapping and car tuning services – your customers will want to see this – so you do want a copy in your hand! If they don’t have it, do not use them no matter what they offer, you are only exposing you and your business.
• Number one golden rule – can you move your tool? If it all goes wrong and you are not happy will they release your tool so another remap provider can take over – some tuners charge a fee for this, but some poor tuners will not release tools at all ever, you have paid your money and now you are stuck with them, your tool is locked and you cant leave! – its money thrown away. Never ever sign up or buy a tool from a tuner who will not put it in writing that they will release the tool if you ask.

Iso certification, awards, independent testimonials are all good pointers too, you need to look for quality support if you are going to make it in this industry.

Back to our first tip – Go and see your potential ecu remapping tuning partner and support provider.

To help explain the car tuning and remap industry Viezu offer completely free no obligation demonstration days, you can come and meet the technical support team, the marketing team, see the different tools on the market, see tuning files being developed and written, and learn to use the ecu remapping tools and car tuning process.

We offer free car tuning demonstrations days at least once a month, the days are ideal for those looking at client car tuning dealers dealer, and master tuning system operators. If you cant make it – we understand, so we offer skypr sessions too.

We also offer completely free marketing and tuning business building seminars to all our dealers – we are as serious about your tuning business are you are

Here are just a couple of our upcoming demonstration and car tuning training days, but we run them all the time


Whatever your car tuning, chip tuning, and ecu remapping requirements or questions, we know we can support you – come and see us and we will prove it

Mail us if we can help at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

VAG 1.6TDI VW Tuning and VW tdi Remap Development

Thursday, December 20th, 2012 by Viezu

Viezu are now proud to be able to offer ecu remapping for the latest 1.6tdi VAG engines found in cars such as the Audi A1 and A3, Skoda Fabia and Octavia, Volkswagen Polo, Passat, Caddy and Golf. After extensive on road testing and dyno development we are able to offer the options of economy, blend and performance mapping for the refined and economical diesel engine.

VAG 1.6TDI VW Tuning and VW tdi Remap Development

Not only does the tune  offer improved performance with figures close to the higher capacity diesels, we have also seen significant gains in economy with almost 10mpg improvements in certain driving conditions.

With the torque curve lifted across the rev range, the drivability and delivery of power are greatly improved.

Combat fuel duty rise with Blue Optimize – Fuel Economy Tuning

Monday, December 3rd, 2012 by Viezu

Combat fuel duty rise with Blue Optimize – Fuel Economy Tuning and Remapping

BT is just one company that is beating rising fuel prices by remapping its fleet of 24,000 vehicles

Fleet operators, businesses and private motorists worried about the prospect of even higher fuel bills in the New Year following the impending 3p fuel duty rise, can combat any hike in prices with Blue Optimize, a revolutionary engine remap service from Viezu.

Offering up to 20 per cent improvements in fuel economy, the award-winning ECU remapping service has been developed to rigorous ISO 9001 standards and can potentially save companies and fleet operators thousands of pounds in fuel bills.

“We’re already seeing drivers cut their mileage because of stubbornly high fuel prices. On top of that, millions of motorists, businesses and fleet operators now face a bleak New Year with the 3p per litre fuel duty rise.

“However, thanks to Blue Optimize there is a way of reducing running costs without changing driving habits or travelling less.

“Indeed, our revolutionary tuning service offers many benefits to motorists. Apart from delivering better fuel economy, Blue Optimize enables reduced CO2 emissions, smoother more progressive power delivery and torque improvements,” said Paul Busby, CEO, Viezu Technologies.

Nearly all production cars, 4×4’s and vans can benefit from Viezu’s economy tuning, the result of hundreds of hours research and development at the company’s global technical centre.

Among the leaders in its field, Viezu also provides bespoke vehicle tuning and ECU remapping services to some of the UK’s largest fleets. For example, the company is currently working with BT Fleet to deliver a series of major environmental, performance and financial improvements which, it is anticipated, will help BT save over £3 million.

The programme will see more than 20,000 of BT’s light commercial vehicles remapped using Viezu’s proprietary technology, to deliver better fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, while also improving vehicle driveability.

“While drivers can’t directly influence the price they pay at the pump, Blue Optimize proves that there are significant steps that can be taken to fight back against the fuel duty rise in an attempt to return to more affordable motoring,” added Busby.

For more information about Viezu, which has a network of 90 approved dealers across the UK and more than 200 around the world, visit

Viezu – leading the way in quality car tuning and ecu remapping.

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 by Viezu

Viezu – leading the way in quality car tuning and ecu remapping.

After a detailed audit by the British Standards Institute, (the BSI) today Viezu are very pleased to announce that we remain ISO certified for Vehicle tuning and training through 2013.

We are very proud to be the only tuning provider to be audited by the BSI, but do find it slightly disappointing that other tuning and ecu remapping providers have chosen not to become registered. As far as we know Viezu remains the only ISO Certified tuning and ecu remapping training provider.
For further information please see

Car tuning in Korea, 400 dealers and 40 countries – all in a week

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 by Viezu

Car tuning in Korea, 400 dealers and 40 countries – all in a week

Wow what a week, we are very pleased to say this week we have signed up not just a new Viezu dealer but a new country, welcome on-board to Mucaro Automobile, based in Busan, Korea, our first car tuning dealer in Korea. This is a huge milestone for us all at Viezu, being able to offer Car tuning in Korea is really important to us, we have a number of car tuning and ecu remapping dealers across Asia, but really needed the right partner in Korea, what this now means is Viezu offers car tuning and ecu remapping though operational bases in 40 countries around the world, something we are immensely proud of.

But that is not all we are celebrating this week as we have also signed up our 400th car tuning dealer, yes that’s right we now have 400 live and operational dealers around the world, in 40 countries.

Viezu UK HQ now has 22 full time staff members, nothing is more important than dealer and customer service. We are not only the biggest but the best in the industry, ISO certified, award winning, and insurance backed – no others tuners or re-mappers come close – And Viezu Technical support is live and ready to help 7 days a week, 364 days a year from 7am – 9pm.

The dealer support team is currently offering custom tuning files in an average of 17 minutes, with 97% right first time strike rate, and the dedicated fleet support team (the only one in the industry) is achieving an eye watering average fleet tuning support time of less than 5 minutes and have an impressive 100% right first time rate.

Combined the Viezu ecu file writing team is supplying over 7000 tuning files a month, as well as master tuning files and master tuning support to the tuning industry.

And there is more, this week for the first time we have held dual Viezu Academy Car tuning courses too, not only are we holding tuning classed in the UK on two days, but a 3 day car tuning and ecu remapping class in Singapore…………who said things are slow ……….. not unless you want one of our speed limiter tuning files its not…………………
Viezu to find your local car tuning dealer please see here

New Viezu Training Academy dates 2013 – Learn to tune in 2013

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by Viezu

New Viezu Courses set for 2013

Through the Viezu Technical Academy courses you can learn the art of vehicle tuning. The award winning Viezu Technical training team will take you step by step through the art of writing custom tuning OE ECU files, tuning for performance, Co2 reduction, motorsport and vehicle modifications.

The car tuning training courses take place at a number of facilities around the world, and of course feature dyno tuning and training programs for Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, VW, Mercedes, Audi and many more.

The Viezu car tuning training covers all methods of tuning, from ecu remapping, chiptuning, to OBD tuning, to the latest Tricore BDM tuning processors, all are explained in simple to understand terminology. The training includes a lively fun mix of classroom study, hands on exercises and detailed live dyno tuning time, so you can learn and develop your own tuning in a safe, hands on dyno tuning environment.

You can see more details on the courses at and we are here to support you all the way. We also offer excellent packages of tunings system, training, equipment and software.

For all vehicle tuning and ecu remapping for all vehicles anywhere in the world, please see

New Viezu Training Academy dates 2013
January 23rd -25th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
February 13th-15th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
February 20th – 22nd USA Charleston 3 day Gasoline tuning
March 4th -6th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
March 13th-15th India Mumbai 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
April 15th-17th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
April 18th-19th Master tuners course and recap
April 24rd – 26th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
May 7th-9th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
June 10thth-12th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
June 13th-14th Master tuners course and recap