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ECU File Writing Made Easy With Viezu Technical Academy

Friday, June 20th, 2014 by andy

Viezu Technical Academy

car tuning training and courses

Viezu Technologies are world leaders in tuning and ECU remapping, offering the highest level of customised tuning files for both petrol and diesel engines.

At  Viezu Technical Academy we offer full hands-on training in the field of master file writing to car tuning specialists and dealers all over the world.

Our ECU remapping courses take you step-by-step through the process of car tuning and ECU file writing, from master tuning software methodology to advanced dynamometer tuning for heavily modified and performance vehicles.

Car tuning courses and programmes can be further customised and tailored to cover specific needs or fields of interest in any area of vehicle tuning, ecu remapping, vehicle tuning software, hardware and processes.

This short video explains more about the training and support we offer: Click here to view video.

Courses are held regularly here at our HQ in Bromsgrove, UK; and we often travel overseas to deliver training worldwide. Click here to view upcoming dates.

To enquire about alternative dates, or if you have any questions all you can call Dan Kennedy on 01527 579345 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Viezu Technologies are proud suppliers of: car software, car tuning, car tuning training, Chip tuning, chipping, cmd tuning, dimsport training, DPF removal, ecu chip tuning, ecu files

Save on the cost of fuel and keep your emissions in check

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 by andy

Viezu Technologies introducing responsible tuning to the aftermarket car and van tuning sector. Viezu has invested in state-of-the-art emission testing equipment especially targeting Nox and Sox emission production post chip-tuning/remapping.

The emission testing equipment is portable and performs five gas analysis data recording live on the rolling road following standard drive cycles and on the road across a number of real-world driving conditions.
Manufacturers have made huge advances in cleaner, greener and more fuel efficient vehicles – as a vehicle tuning Company Viezu has a responsibility to ensure all our tuning remaps do not have an adverse effect on the vehicle and also on the environment.

Years of research and development has gone into creating the Viezu BlueOptimize™ remap, designed to keep fuel costs down and emissions in check. On a standard MoT test, BlueOptimize™ can show an emissions reduction of up to 30% and now we can record Nox and Sox gases live as the tune file is being developed. Vehicle tuning with emission testing is carried out at the Viezu HQ

We can record and log live real world emissions output and fuel use in the most accurate and reliable was in the aftermarket tuning and ecu remapping sector with devices connected to the vehicle whilst in use. We are the only tuning Company to tackle the matter of Nox and Sox as a result of ECU recalibration, Chip-tuning and remapping.

You can see more on our van tuning services here:

Testing services are also available to other tuning companies who wish to understand how their remaps may be affecting emissions as we see this as an important breakthrough and differentiator to those serious about proving high quality and reliable remaps – visit the Special Projects Team to discuss requirements.

Win a Viezu Car Tuning Franchise!

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 by andy

Win a Viezu Car Tuning Franchise!

Great news everyone, if you have been thinking about getting into car tuning and ecu remapping but never done it, this is for you! We are very pleased to announce the biggest competition we have ever run, it is probably the only one like it in the car tuning industry.

Here is your chance to win a Viezu Car Tuning Franchise!

It’s open to everyone interested in car tuning and ecu remapping anywhere in the world experts and novices alike. There are no catches and entry to this great competition is of course free.

You can see more on our dealer services here:

Win a Viezu Car Tuning Franchise – Here is what is up for grabs

• Alientech Kess V2 OBD tuning system – cars, bikes and vans
• Your first 10 car tuning files
• Set up and installation
• 12 months license and updates
• 12 months Viezu technical support
• Training and support, including the amazing Viezu “build you tuning business seminar and training days
• Marking support
• Website support

Watch the video here for more information and details of how to enter

Car Tuning Courses – Car Tuning Training Viezu

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 by Viezu

Car Tuning Courses – Car Tuning Training Viezu

Viezu is one of the largest most established providers of car tuning software files in the world. Viezu is the name behind the tuning software being used by some of the largest and best known tuning companies around the world.

If you are interested in learning to tune cars, or attending a car tuning course or class please take a look at this video here:
Viezu are the only main stream tuning providers to let you see behind the curtain, see how to tune cars and make your own tuning software. We show you what all the other tuning companies don’t want you to see – How to tune cars yourself!

So now it’s your turn, if you want to learn to tune cars yourself, offer ecu remapping and tuning software to your customers, build your own tuning company and brand, and supply your own tuning software take a look at this video – is it time to take charge of your tuning?

You can see other car tuning videos and training videos here in our Youtube channel
Viezu car tuning courses and classes are held around the world

See further information and course dates here:

ECU Remaps and Car Tuning at Viezu 2013

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 by Viezu

ECU Remaps and Car Tuning at Viezu 2013

Viezu is very much established as one of the world’s leading car tuning and ECU remapping providers, Viezu offer ecu remapping and car tuning services in over 40 countries and our network of professional vehicle tuners grows every day.

Covering almost call cars, vans and commercial vehicles Viezu’s chip tuning, remapping and software tuning serviced is virtually unmatched by any other tuning software provider.

Ecu remapping and car tuning services offered include, fuel economy tuning, power, performance tuning, rev limiting, speed limiter, DPF removing, and many many more ecu remap options.

All chip tuning software is developed and written in house, our tuning software is also dyno and emission tested – (sadly very few tuners do this) All our tuning also comes with a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee, has no impact on vehicle RV, and is fully insured.

We offer tuning and ecu remapping for almost all cars, here are just a few of our web pages, and tuning services you may like to take a look at our main website. Here you will find many of the ecu remapping and tuning coverage, you can search for your make and model of car, van or truck, click here to see the options:

Viezu’s Volkswagen Tuning and remapping, it can be seen here:
Audi tuning and ECU remapping can be found on our main website here
Land Rover Tuning and Range Rover remaps details and options are here:
BMW tuning BMW ecu remapping can be seen here:
Fleet Tuning and Commercial vehicle tuning can be seen here
Exotic and Super car tuning
Fuel economy and Viezu’s Blue Optimize ecu software recalibration can be found here:

Our research centre allows us to verify our figures, and develop the very finest car tuning and remap software in the world. Viezu is also ISO certified, not other tuning company treat tuning like we do or offer the range of services.

If you would like to come and meet the Viezu tuning team we will be happy to show you the research we carry our and the development that goes into our tuning files, we will even write your file with you and explain the whole process.

If you are thing of getting your car tuned, give us a call we will do all we can to help, and if you are thinking of getting into car tuning, why come to one of our free open days where we will be happy to show you the options and tuning first hand.

Please mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if we can be of assistance.

JF Automotive – New Premises & Open Day Car Tuning in Kent

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 by Viezu
Image Of JF Automotive's New Premises In Maidstone

JF Automotive's New Premises Located In Maidstone

JF Automotive are moving on up… to a brand new premises at Parkwood Industrial Estate in Maidstone, Kent.

Having outgrown their old unit, John Ford, Technical Director at JF Automotive, stated that with the business growing successfully year on year “now” was the time to invest in the of the tuning industry with their brand new premises.

At Unit 31, Integrame, Bircholt Road, Parkwood Industrial Estate, Maidstone, Kent, ME159YY on Saturday the 2nd of March: 9:30AM to 6:00PM, guests will be able to indulge in all the fun of an opening day event.

A friendly racing competition on a driving simulator will be on site along with food, refreshment and of course REMAPPING!

Guests on the day will be able to take advantage of a specially discounted opening day deal on remapping. You can get your car / van / motorhome tuned on the day for a special price.

What more could guests want from a grand opening? JF Automotive have thought of it all!

So if you are in the area on Saturday the 2nd of March, then pop on down to Unit 31, Integrame, Bircholt Road, Parkwood Industrial Estate, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 9YY, and enjoy the fun and festivities that JF Automotive have laid on.

What could be better than having some food and drink, and setting the lap record on the Top Gear test track driving sim, whilst you have your very own car tuned! This is a petrol heads ideal day out.

Image of GamePOD Racing Seat

The GamePOD GT2 - Just one of the activities to find at the open day

Jaguar XJ 3.0 D Tuning and Jaguar Remap development at Viezu

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 by Viezu

Jaguar XJ 3.0 D Tuning and Remap development at Viezu

The Brand New Jaguar XJ 3.0 D was brought into our workshop for a remap with before and after rolling road (dyno) runs carried out. Jaguar engine tuning is something we are very familiar with and we set straight to work getting this stunning Jaguar 3.0 XJ strapped down on the dyno.
The Jaguar 3.0 XJ is smooth as silk, although you can see the inherent dip in the mid-range on the graph that is present on all of these Jaguar 3.0 diesel engines when being run on the rolling road (dyno). It is to do with the automatic gearbox and how it delivers the power on the dyno. On the road in real world conditions this does not exist, it is simply an anomaly that is present due to the auto box and the ‘kickdown’ software in the Jaguar XJ gearbox TCU (Transmission Control Unit).

With the Original run complete, we set about removing the Jaguar 3.0 diesel ECU from the vehicle in order to connect to it on the TriCore KTAG. This was a straight forward process as this is a very common ECU for us to come across.
With the data read from the Jaguar ecu micro-processer, we were able to remap and tune the Jaguar engine software.
A short time later and we uploaded the Viezu Performance Remap back to the Jaguar ECU and then the relatively quick process of re-installing the ECU into the 3.0 XJ was completed.

The modified runs showed a very smooth and progressive increase in power with a constant lift in the torque band.
The remap really transformed this 3.0 diesel Jaguar XJ as expected, and gave a tuned increase of 35 horsepower at the wheels with an increase across the torque band of 65nm at the wheels.

A dramatically improved car after the Viezu remap had been carried out and needless to say, a very satisfied customer with his performance tune on his Jaguar XJ 3.0 D. To see if you vehicles is covered by Viezu’s ecu remapping and tuning services take a look at our main site here:

VAG 1.6TDI VW Tuning and VW tdi Remap Development

Thursday, December 20th, 2012 by Viezu

Viezu are now proud to be able to offer ecu remapping for the latest 1.6tdi VAG engines found in cars such as the Audi A1 and A3, Skoda Fabia and Octavia, Volkswagen Polo, Passat, Caddy and Golf. After extensive on road testing and dyno development we are able to offer the options of economy, blend and performance mapping for the refined and economical diesel engine.

VAG 1.6TDI VW Tuning and VW tdi Remap Development

Not only does the tune  offer improved performance with figures close to the higher capacity diesels, we have also seen significant gains in economy with almost 10mpg improvements in certain driving conditions.

With the torque curve lifted across the rev range, the drivability and delivery of power are greatly improved.

Combat fuel duty rise with Blue Optimize – Fuel Economy Tuning

Monday, December 3rd, 2012 by Viezu

Combat fuel duty rise with Blue Optimize – Fuel Economy Tuning and Remapping

BT is just one company that is beating rising fuel prices by remapping its fleet of 24,000 vehicles

Fleet operators, businesses and private motorists worried about the prospect of even higher fuel bills in the New Year following the impending 3p fuel duty rise, can combat any hike in prices with Blue Optimize, a revolutionary engine remap service from Viezu.

Offering up to 20 per cent improvements in fuel economy, the award-winning ECU remapping service has been developed to rigorous ISO 9001 standards and can potentially save companies and fleet operators thousands of pounds in fuel bills.

“We’re already seeing drivers cut their mileage because of stubbornly high fuel prices. On top of that, millions of motorists, businesses and fleet operators now face a bleak New Year with the 3p per litre fuel duty rise.

“However, thanks to Blue Optimize there is a way of reducing running costs without changing driving habits or travelling less.

“Indeed, our revolutionary tuning service offers many benefits to motorists. Apart from delivering better fuel economy, Blue Optimize enables reduced CO2 emissions, smoother more progressive power delivery and torque improvements,” said Paul Busby, CEO, Viezu Technologies.

Nearly all production cars, 4×4’s and vans can benefit from Viezu’s economy tuning, the result of hundreds of hours research and development at the company’s global technical centre.

Among the leaders in its field, Viezu also provides bespoke vehicle tuning and ECU remapping services to some of the UK’s largest fleets. For example, the company is currently working with BT Fleet to deliver a series of major environmental, performance and financial improvements which, it is anticipated, will help BT save over £3 million.

The programme will see more than 20,000 of BT’s light commercial vehicles remapped using Viezu’s proprietary technology, to deliver better fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, while also improving vehicle driveability.

“While drivers can’t directly influence the price they pay at the pump, Blue Optimize proves that there are significant steps that can be taken to fight back against the fuel duty rise in an attempt to return to more affordable motoring,” added Busby.

For more information about Viezu, which has a network of 90 approved dealers across the UK and more than 200 around the world, visit

Car tuning in Korea, 400 dealers and 40 countries – all in a week

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 by Viezu

Car tuning in Korea, 400 dealers and 40 countries – all in a week

Wow what a week, we are very pleased to say this week we have signed up not just a new Viezu dealer but a new country, welcome on-board to Mucaro Automobile, based in Busan, Korea, our first car tuning dealer in Korea. This is a huge milestone for us all at Viezu, being able to offer Car tuning in Korea is really important to us, we have a number of car tuning and ecu remapping dealers across Asia, but really needed the right partner in Korea, what this now means is Viezu offers car tuning and ecu remapping though operational bases in 40 countries around the world, something we are immensely proud of.

But that is not all we are celebrating this week as we have also signed up our 400th car tuning dealer, yes that’s right we now have 400 live and operational dealers around the world, in 40 countries.

Viezu UK HQ now has 22 full time staff members, nothing is more important than dealer and customer service. We are not only the biggest but the best in the industry, ISO certified, award winning, and insurance backed – no others tuners or re-mappers come close – And Viezu Technical support is live and ready to help 7 days a week, 364 days a year from 7am – 9pm.

The dealer support team is currently offering custom tuning files in an average of 17 minutes, with 97% right first time strike rate, and the dedicated fleet support team (the only one in the industry) is achieving an eye watering average fleet tuning support time of less than 5 minutes and have an impressive 100% right first time rate.

Combined the Viezu ecu file writing team is supplying over 7000 tuning files a month, as well as master tuning files and master tuning support to the tuning industry.

And there is more, this week for the first time we have held dual Viezu Academy Car tuning courses too, not only are we holding tuning classed in the UK on two days, but a 3 day car tuning and ecu remapping class in Singapore…………who said things are slow ……….. not unless you want one of our speed limiter tuning files its not…………………
Viezu to find your local car tuning dealer please see here