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Diesel Tuning VBox – The easy diesel tuning plug and play tuning tool!

Thursday, November 12th, 2015 by andy

Diesel Tuning VBox – The easy diesel Tuning plug and play tuning tool!
Viezu Technologies offers diesel Vboxes, these small modules are plug and play, meaning once fitted you instantly see performance or economy gains. They are revolutionizing the tuning industry by offering vehicle performance and economy tuning that can be fitted in minutes meaning minimal downtime and without the need to remove the ECU!

you can see more here

The Diesel Vboxes support most modern vehicles, with hundreds different makes and models supported. The Viezu V-Box diesel tuning boxes are the most innovative on the market, they are full programmable and actually hold an ECU remap on the Diesel tuning box its self, so it works just like a full ecu remap, just without programming the vehicles own ECU. This means the Viezu V-Box diesel tuning boxes deliver remarkable results for both cars, and vans, and just like ECU remapping software, we can tune our diesel tuning boxes for power, performance, fuel economy or a perfect blend – don’t fit any tuning box – fit the best!

Buy – Test – Decide, with confidence

Like all our tuning, the Viezu V-Box Diesel tuning box comes with our unique 30-day money back guarantee if you are not delighted for any reason at all simply return your Diesel tuning box for a full refund for up to 30 days!

The main advantages for the Viezu V-Box Diesel Tuning Box are:

  • Quick installation – Around 15 minutes
  • Better acceleration giving a smoother response exactly where you need it
  • Fuel consumption can be improved by up to 10%
  • V-BOX improves power and torque making your vehicle feel far easier and more rewarding to drive
  • Can be transferred from Vehicle to Vehicle (subject to conditions)
  • Less intrusive – no need to change the vehicles original set up
  • Amazing coverage, almost all diesel vehicles covered
  • International shipping and home installation

If you would like to see if your vehicle is supported, please contact Viezu Technologies today to see how we can help your tuning needs. Please contact us on Phone: +44 (0) 1789 774444 or contact us here for all your car tuning and remapping needs

Car Tuning VSwitch – The home tuning revolution remapping tool

Thursday, November 12th, 2015 by andy

Car Tuning VSwitch – The home tuning revolution remapping tool
Here at Viezu technologies we are all about offering the best possible solution to customers to get their vehicle tuned. This is why we launched the VSwitch, this unique little tool allows you to become a master tuner without even leaving your home. full information on our VSwitch tuning tool can be seen here

Viezu V-Switch is a individual hand held tuning programmer that is easy to use, designed so you, the customer, can tune your vehicle yourself, giving you the power of flexibility.
Extremely easy to use and simple to operate – no need to be a computer whizz to use this tool, you can now remap your car in the comfort of your own home. The V-Switch tuning system is capable of reading and writing tuning software and settings for hundreds of different vehicles in all shapes and sizes. Uniquely, and very importantly, the V-Switch will also store up several different tuning files all custom made for the same car – the original factory setting and two modified tuning files of your own specification and requirements. This gives you the ultimate decision to get the best out of your vehicle, from an economy during the week to a power map at weekends – you decide! just contact us here if you are not sure or need any help

Tune your car to your heart’s content with the Viezu V-Switch, and change the power, performance and setting of your drive in just minutes.

Viezu Technologies BMW M5 S63 Performance Tuning Remap Software Upgrade

Thursday, October 15th, 2015 by andy

The new M5 S63 is a monster of a car! With a 570hp BMW factory tuned twin turbo charged V8 stuffed under the hood, the newest iteration of the BMW super saloon is pound for pound the perfect replacement for the old V10 model.

The new generation of turbocharged engines replacing almost everything that was previously naturally aspirated, left some people feeling like the glory days of cars were over. Downsizing, shrinking engines being pepped up with a bolt on turbo to help bridge the capacity gap looked like they would be underwhelming and lacklustre. Moans of huge amounts of laaaaag and no power until way up in the rpm band were… well… were completely misplaced.
The majority of the new turbo engines are great, with some of them standing head and shoulders above the rest. The M5 V8 F-series is a perfect example of this.

The factory tuning power and torque figures on the standard car are nothing to be scoffed at as the car can easily light the tyres up in first and second and will no doubt have more power than most people will even come close to using.

But for the select few petrol heads out there who know their cars, there is a huge untapped potential within this engine for performance upgrades, engine tuning and performance remapping. Upwards of 50hp and 100nm of torque can be easily extracted from this engine with a Viezu performance remap, and when we say extracted, we really mean restored. Viezu Technologies performance tuning is carefully crafted to restore the locked away power hiding within the engines central control system, the ECU (Engine Control Unit).

Extracting the ECUs is no mean feat. Although they are easily accessible in the vehicle, yes that’s right there are two ECU’s in this car, they are plumbed into the vehicles cooling system in order to keep the temperatures in these highly complex electronic control circuits from overheating. Which is a necessity when you consider not only the amount of data and calculations they have to make every millisecond generates a lot of heat, which is compounded by the fact that the ECUs sit on top of the two huge TURBOs!

But for Viezu Technologies this was not an issue. With some simply tools and a few minutes work, the ECUs were safely removed from the vehicle with no coolant leak from the system. Making the car ready for a simple and straightforward reinstall after they have been tuned with the high performance Viezu remap.

The Viezu Technical team were then able to connect to the ECU on the bench and pull the necessary data from the ECU required for tuning. Obtaining the data in a way that results in as little disturbance to the ECU itself.

The data is quickly copied out of the ECU and into Viezu’s remap writing software allowing for the tuning modifications to be made to restore the engine power and torque that the BMW engineers had creatively hidden away. Restoring the vehicles true potential mapping software and unleashing the full, yet safe and reliable, power from the engine is the key to this amazing tuning file. This is what the Viezu Technologies performance remap tuning software is all about. With the modifications made to the software coding of the ECU it is time to program the remapped data file back into the engine control units.

When the programming is all said and done the ECUs are sealed with special heat and water resistant silicone and installed back into the car, as if they had never been removed in the first place.

The car is then ready to rock and roll. The torque delivery of the Viezu tune is phenomenal! 100nm + of torque increase at points in the RPM band and over 40hp+ at the wheels. The car on the road was ferociously fast running the performance tuning software file from Viezu. There is enough torque to smoke the tyres in third gear at almost any given rpm and even a little on the change into fourth gear. The traction control and stability systems do an amazing job and keeping all of the power and the car on the road. The driver even reported that in normal drive mode there is so much torque under the right foot that you only need to breathe on it for the car to take of instantaneously.

If you own an M5 twin turbo S63 then you need to have this Viezu Performance remap carried out on your car. The car is truly transformed afterwards and you will be amazed at how you ever enjoyed the car without this much smooth power torque that the Viezu Tuning provides.

To find out how to get your M5 S63 tuned with the Viezu Performance Remap to fully unlock the real true potential of the engine, contact Viezu Technologies Ltd on:

+44 (0) 1789 77 44 44
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

BMW 550d F series triple turbo!!!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 by andy

Yes! You did read that correctly. The brand new BMW 550d F10/11 is a triple turbo diesel torque producing beast to be reckoned with.

With the badge of 550d you would expect a 5.0l engine under the hood. However, as with a number of manufacturers nowadays, the badge on the outside does not line up with the engine under the hood.

The 3.0d straight six engine that has been a year after year one of the best diesel engines available on the market. However, the engine does have a little trick up its sleeve to give it the edge over other models in the range that the 550 badge implies.

This is done through the brilliantly designed triple turbo setup. Effectively taking the already brilliant twin turbo engine from the 535d and bolting another turbo onto it. Obviously, that does make it sound a lot easier than it would have been to develop.

The system works with a small turbo working almost instantly in order to reduce any initial lag as much as possible at very low rpm. This turbo is very quickly pushed aside by the large turbo in this setup that takes over between 1500rpm – 1800rpm and then pulls through to the top end of the power band.

Traditionally this would have been enough for a diesel engine, but BMW wanted more, and this was achieved by putting the third turbo into the mix. This final turbo is designed to pre compress the air before the big turbo to help keep the big turbo running longer than the standard twin turbo setup.

For the added boost pressure the vehicle is running the fuel pressure had to be increased to make sure the fuel could get into the engine with all the extra boost pressure running through it.

The fuel rail pressure was increased from 1800bar up to a staggering 2200bar of pressure. Of course all of this meant that a little strengthening had to take place within the engine itself in order to safely accommodate the new power, boost output and rail pressure requirements.

All of this strengthening has left the engine with plenty more to give over its stock output.

Taking the KTAG bench reading from the EDC17 ECU’s inside, we here at Viezu Technologies were able to extract the an additional 130nm of torque and 45hp increase from the engine with our Viezu Remap.

Taking into account OEM torque requests, thresholds, injected fuel quantity requirements for varying desired torque level outputs, the Viezu ECU tune was able to deliver a smooth, refined and typically BMW drive from the vehicle, whilst delivering the fantastically strong performance increase and driveability refinements that the Viezu remap software always delivers.

All of this is in line with standard operating parameters of the OEM ECU and data as not to push the vehicle beyond is safe capabilities.

To find out how Viezu Technologies engine remapping could benefit your BMW F-series, or any series for that matter, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call +44 (0) 1789 77 44 44

BMW F Series Tuning and ECU Remapping

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 by andy

BMW F-series Tuning is now here, that’s right the BMW F-Series can now be tuned with Alientech’s KTAG tuning tool, unlocking thousands of new BMW vehicles to be remapped and tuned. With the Alientech Ksuite 2.10 tuning software you can now tune BMW diesel F series vehicles. Here at Viezu we are here to support you with high quality tuning remaps so you and your customers can get the most out of your BMW F –series tuning.

So if you want fuel economy tuning, blend or high performance remaps then Viezu is the place to come for the best quality BMW F-series Tuning and remapping.

And as always our tunes are backed by our insurance and 30 day money back guarantee. So to start tuning make sure your Alientech KTAG tuning tool and license is fully up to date and start your BMW F-series Tuning  today!

For further information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

JF Automotive – New Premises & Open Day Car Tuning in Kent

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 by Viezu
Image Of JF Automotive's New Premises In Maidstone

JF Automotive's New Premises Located In Maidstone

JF Automotive are moving on up… to a brand new premises at Parkwood Industrial Estate in Maidstone, Kent.

Having outgrown their old unit, John Ford, Technical Director at JF Automotive, stated that with the business growing successfully year on year “now” was the time to invest in the of the tuning industry with their brand new premises.

At Unit 31, Integrame, Bircholt Road, Parkwood Industrial Estate, Maidstone, Kent, ME159YY on Saturday the 2nd of March: 9:30AM to 6:00PM, guests will be able to indulge in all the fun of an opening day event.

A friendly racing competition on a driving simulator will be on site along with food, refreshment and of course REMAPPING!

Guests on the day will be able to take advantage of a specially discounted opening day deal on remapping. You can get your car / van / motorhome tuned on the day for a special price.

What more could guests want from a grand opening? JF Automotive have thought of it all!

So if you are in the area on Saturday the 2nd of March, then pop on down to Unit 31, Integrame, Bircholt Road, Parkwood Industrial Estate, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 9YY, and enjoy the fun and festivities that JF Automotive have laid on.

What could be better than having some food and drink, and setting the lap record on the Top Gear test track driving sim, whilst you have your very own car tuned! This is a petrol heads ideal day out.

Image of GamePOD Racing Seat

The GamePOD GT2 - Just one of the activities to find at the open day

VAG 1.6TDI VW Tuning and VW tdi Remap Development

Thursday, December 20th, 2012 by Viezu

Viezu are now proud to be able to offer ecu remapping for the latest 1.6tdi VAG engines found in cars such as the Audi A1 and A3, Skoda Fabia and Octavia, Volkswagen Polo, Passat, Caddy and Golf. After extensive on road testing and dyno development we are able to offer the options of economy, blend and performance mapping for the refined and economical diesel engine.

VAG 1.6TDI VW Tuning and VW tdi Remap Development

Not only does the tune  offer improved performance with figures close to the higher capacity diesels, we have also seen significant gains in economy with almost 10mpg improvements in certain driving conditions.

With the torque curve lifted across the rev range, the drivability and delivery of power are greatly improved.

Exotic Elite – Super Car Tuning and High Performance ECU Remapping

Monday, November 12th, 2012 by Viezu

The new Exotic Elite Club – Super Car Tuning From Viezu

Viezu is now very pleased to bring you our all new “Exotic Elite” tuning, the UK’s leading luxury vehicle tuning service has now gone global, Viezu has been providing tuning services to the most enthusiastic and passionate supercar drivers for many years year, and now through our Exotic Elite service it does not matter where you are in the world, we are ready and able to support your tuning.

Viezu’ s Exotic Elite is the VIP concierge service for the motoring privileged, offering specialist advice, parts and tuning solutions the world over. With more than 400 tuning and ecu remapping sites around the world, in over 38 countries operating 7 days a week Viezu is the multinational and multilingual ecu remapping and tuning solution. Viezu aim to offer a global yet local tuning and ecu remapping service wherever you are and whatever you drive.

Viezu offer tuning for most exotic and prestige cars, over 3000 vehicles can be tuned, our specialist subjects include:

Ferrari tuning, the full range of Ferrari vehicles can be tuned, including the Ferrari 360, 430, 458 and Ferrari California, Lamborghini tuning, Porsche ecu remapping and tuning. Aston Martin tuning, again tuning for all Aston Martin vehicles is available, including Vantage, DB9, DBS, and Vanquish. BMW and Mercedes tuning, Land Rover and Range Rover tuning, Maserati, Bentley, McLaren, and the full range of Jaguar vehicles too are just a sample of our tuning and remapping coverage.

If you are looking for the world’s best tuning service to come to you just mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details or see our new Exotic Elite website here:

New Viezu Training Academy dates 2013 – Learn to tune in 2013

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by Viezu

New Viezu Courses set for 2013

Through the Viezu Technical Academy courses you can learn the art of vehicle tuning. The award winning Viezu Technical training team will take you step by step through the art of writing custom tuning OE ECU files, tuning for performance, Co2 reduction, motorsport and vehicle modifications.

The car tuning training courses take place at a number of facilities around the world, and of course feature dyno tuning and training programs for Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, VW, Mercedes, Audi and many more.

The Viezu car tuning training covers all methods of tuning, from ecu remapping, chiptuning, to OBD tuning, to the latest Tricore BDM tuning processors, all are explained in simple to understand terminology. The training includes a lively fun mix of classroom study, hands on exercises and detailed live dyno tuning time, so you can learn and develop your own tuning in a safe, hands on dyno tuning environment.

You can see more details on the courses at and we are here to support you all the way. We also offer excellent packages of tunings system, training, equipment and software.

For all vehicle tuning and ecu remapping for all vehicles anywhere in the world, please see

New Viezu Training Academy dates 2013
January 23rd -25th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
February 13th-15th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
February 20th – 22nd USA Charleston 3 day Gasoline tuning
March 4th -6th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
March 13th-15th India Mumbai 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
April 15th-17th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
April 18th-19th Master tuners course and recap
April 24rd – 26th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
May 7th-9th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
June 10thth-12th UK 3 day petrol and diesel tuning course
June 13th-14th Master tuners course and recap

Car Tuning Course Ohio in USA

Saturday, April 21st, 2012 by Viezu

Car tuning classes in the USA from Viezu

A big thank you to all the guys and girls who attended this week’s Viezu Academy training course in Ohio USA. This week’s car tuning course was the first one we have run at the Mustang Facility in Ohio, and we had a great time.

The Mustang guys really could not have done more for us, rolling out factory tours, entertainment and hospitality to us and all the delegates – the course went really well and we met some very talented and enthusiastic tuners

During the course we were able to demonstrate that with a little training you can take a BME 335i from stock and add an additional 70bhp in less than one hour, no modified parts, no fuss, and just pure power.

If you are interested in learning to tune cars, carry our ECU remapping and chip tuning you can see more details on the courses at we are here to support you all the way. We also offer excellent packages of tunings system, training, equipment and software.

For car tuning training, courses and ecu remapping classes please see

For all vehicle tuning and ecu remapping for all vehicles anywhere in the world, please see