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Suspension Upgrades supplied and fitted from Viezu

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 by andy

Powerflex suspension bushes, H&R Springs and Eibach suspension fitted in house at Viezu.

Viezu Technologies, a world leader in ECU tuning and ECU remapping also now offers to compliment your engine tuning performance gains with a complete suspension and chassis tuning range of products- not just supplied, but Viezu offer a full suspension upgrade fitting service too.

Many people overlook the wear and tear on suspension as vehicles get older because the deterioration is so slow, the feel and balance of your suspension slowly erodes without you even noticing. It is only once they are replaced with new components that the difference is truly felt, and with the Viezu range of suspension upgrades your car will feel and handle better than when it was new.

Viezu are very pleased to announce that we are now authorised Powerflex polyurethane suspension bush distributors and unlike many internet sellers we have the facilities to fit your bushes too, not sure which Powerflex suspension upgrade is right for your car, why not come over for free inspection and consultation, you can contact us here,

We can fit your vehicle with lowering springs, including from manufacturers such as Eibach Springs, Koni suspension, Tein and H&R springs, giving your vehicle that perfect stance and improved handling.

And our range of uprated shock absorbers from suppliers such as Bilstein, Koni, KYB and Gaz to name just a few will give you the control you need for the perfect ride.

Polyurethane suspension bushes from Powerflex and SuperPro are a fit and forget solution to poor handling, uneven tyre wear or even just general replacement of tired bushes. Being resistant to perishing and chemical deterioration as well as keeping the wheels pointing in the right direction under stress any vehicle will see the benefits of fitting uprated bushes.

We can offer chassis tuning, bracing such as front and rear strut bars, or under body bracing from OMP, Sparco, Whiteline and Ultra Racing, again all fitted in house by our trained technicians, or available mail order too.

Whatever your needs our team of technicians and in house experts can fit your suspension components and advise on how to optimise the ride f your car to meet your requirements without breaking the bank. You can see more of our workshop and fitting service here:

Call us on 01789 774444, or drop us a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to see what we can do for your vehicle and book you into our car tuning heaven workshop, or to find your local Viezu dealer.

Car Performance and Dyno Assessment Session

Friday, February 6th, 2015 by Viezu

Viezu is delighted to open its all new high performance car tuning and prestige car service centre in the Midlands, located in Bidford On Avon – The new Viezu HQ is probably one of the largest dedicated tuning and remapping workshops in the UK. Viezu Tuning are delighted to offer our customers a very special vehicle tuning and performance assessment service session.

The world of car tuning, remapping and performance tuning parts can be quite daunting, many customers are unsure of the tuning options, or which items, tuning or vehicle upgrades to select first, others may have purchased a used vehicle that is reported to have been tuned, remapped or upgraded previously, but really don’t know the performance and condition of the modification and tuning work that has been carried out.

To assist our customers we are offering an in depth tuning and performance assessment session. The assessment is a detailed look at your cars condition, performance, and any tuning work undertaken to date, it will help you understand your cars current level of performance and its tuning potential, both from remapping, performance parts and exhaust systems.
So if you want to test your cars performance, understand its tuning and the potential for a little more power, torque or even fuel economy we are here to help.

So whats included in the Viezu tuning and performance assessment?
• Full 4×4 dyno session, testing for power, performance and torque
• ¼ mile time check
• Diagnostic fault code identification and testing
• 5 Gas emission test
• Air / fuel ratio test
• DPF condition and regeneration factor (diesel only)
• Performance assessment of any current tuning / modifications
• If your vehicle is remapped already – map testing and checking
• General health inspection carried out by our highly skilled technicians – checking service items, suspension, tyres, drive chain, brakes, exhaust, etc.
• Report presentation and advice on condition, tuning, modification options and potential results

All this for just £55 + vat

But wait ….there is more…..if you spend £250 or more with Viezu within 12 weeks of your assessment session, we will take the inspection fee off your invoice

Our Performance and Tuning assessment session will be conducted by Neil Viezu’s Performance and Service Manager, you are welcome to wait and you can even participate in some of the car testing and inspection elements, including the 4×4 dyno session. Now that’s something you probably don’t do every day

There is no cheesy sales pitch at the end, just good honest advice on the condition of your car, the tuning or performance parts fitted and perhaps some suggestion of what you may like to consider if you wanted a little more power and performance

Viezu’s workshop is now open for all ecu remapping, dyno tuning, tuning demonstration and training, we also offer a stunning range of high performance exhaust system and fitting too of course, catalytic convertors, upgraded intercoolers, turbo, brake upgrades, and general service and repair work for most cars.
Our Technicians include both Prestige vehicle and Motorsport (Rally) back grounds and experience.
To book your performance tuning assessment and health check for your car mail us now at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

BMW F Series Tuning and ECU Remapping

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 by andy

BMW F-series Tuning is now here, that’s right the BMW F-Series can now be tuned with Alientech’s KTAG tuning tool, unlocking thousands of new BMW vehicles to be remapped and tuned. With the Alientech Ksuite 2.10 tuning software you can now tune BMW diesel F series vehicles. Here at Viezu we are here to support you with high quality tuning remaps so you and your customers can get the most out of your BMW F –series tuning.

So if you want fuel economy tuning, blend or high performance remaps then Viezu is the place to come for the best quality BMW F-series Tuning and remapping.

And as always our tunes are backed by our insurance and 30 day money back guarantee. So to start tuning make sure your Alientech KTAG tuning tool and license is fully up to date and start your BMW F-series Tuning  today!

For further information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tune Diesel VAG’s Via OBD

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 by andy

Viezu is excited to announce it can now tune most diesel anti-tune VAG’s via the OBD with the Kess V2.  Over 500 of our car tuning dealer operate the Alientech Kees V2 car tuning system

With The Alientect tuning software Ksuite 2.09 you can now forget about removing diesel Volkswagan and Audi Group ECU’s, because a huge range can now be tuned and ecu remapped via the OBD. How do you make sure you can do this with your Kess V2 tuning  tool?

Simply make sure your Alientech Kess V2 liecense is fully up to date and you can start tuning and remapping today!

So if you want VW tuning, Audi tuning, Seat Tuning and Skoda Tuning , these great vehicles are now unlocked for OBD tuning and ECU remapping, saving you time and effort to get the Viezu tune and engine ECU remap loaded – no need to remove the cars ECU anymore!

If you would like any further information on tuning with Viezu, training or tuning and remapping support please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2015 ECU Master Tuner Courses Already Under Way!

Friday, January 9th, 2015 by andy

2015 ECU Master Tuner Courses Already Under Way!

Our most recent course this January is successfully completed.   The class covered gasoline and diesel ECU remapping as well as reading and writing files through both the OBD port and bench tuning.  We train you how to alter files, where changes are made and how these changes effect vehicle performance.  Upon completion you will know the advanced file writing techniques needed to unlock the potential of many engines.  Our course options include diesel, gasoline, cars, bikes, trucks, agriculture, boats, avian, jet skis and even snow mobile engines!

We take good care of you while you are here, with refreshment breaks and lunches included.

2015 ECU Master Tuner Courses Already Under Way!

Please click here for a short video explaining our file modification and master tuner courses.

You can also look through this blog page to view examples of the growing worldwide popularity of Viezu,  our file writing training, and the many awards received for our technological advancements.

To ensure a quality learning atmosphere class sizes are limited, so get in touch now to book a place.

Bench Tuning Courses With Viezu

The January Course also provided an in depth training module on anti-tune vehicle remapping. With many years’ experience in the field of ECU tuning, Viezu Technologies have heavily invested research and development resources into various bench tuning techniques, while using the very latest bench tuning equipment.

With our advanced master tuner courses you can learn the full methodology of bench tuning with KTag, increasing the range of vehicles you can tune.

Bench Tuning Courses With Viezu

Click here to see our short informative video on K-TAG.

Viezu offer free tuning tool set up and training to ensure a hassle free and comfortable start to your tuning longevity.

We also hold free demonstration days for those who are interested n engine tuning and master file writing but not sure of the best options for tuning equipment.

For dates of up and coming courses, please follow this link by clicking here

To  book places on any of our courses or for any further information, please contact Dan Kennedy on 01527 579 345

Or you can Email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Huge Car Tuning News – Ksuite 2.09 Tuning Blog

Friday, December 19th, 2014 by andy

Car tuning and ecu remapping just jumped to the next generation – With Alientech Ksuite’s car tuning latest update to 2.09 even more VW tuning, Audi tuning and Skoda Tuning is possible, these great vehicles are now unlocked for OBD tuning and ECU remapping, saving you time and effort to get the Viezu tune and engine ECU remap loaded – no need to remove the cars ECU anymore!

New Car tuning news

Here are just a few of the great new car tuning options available now!

  • New Family 431 (JEEP Tuning NCG5 CAN MY 2011)
  • New Family 433 (JEEP NGC4 CAN MY 2007)
  • New Family 437 (DODGE CUMMINS TUNIG CM2100 MPC5554)
  • New Family 458 (DODGE NGC5 V10 HEMI CAN)
  • New Family 459 (VAG Tuning BOSCH EDC17CP20 CAN)
  • New Family 465 (VAG BOSCH MED17.5/MED17.5.20 /MED17.5.5 TC1766 CAN)
  • New Family 466 (VAG BOSCH  MED17.5.2/ME17.5.6/ME17.5.20 TC1767 CAN)
  • New Family 467 (VAG BOSCH MED17.1/MED17.1.1 TC1796 CAN)
  • New Family 468 (VAG BOSCH MED17.1.1/MED17.1.6 TC1797 CAN)
  • New Family 469 (VAG CONTINENTAL SIMOS12 TC1797 CAN)
  • New Family 470 (VAG 4.2L TDI BOSCH EDC17CP44 M&S CAN)
  • New Family 473 (VAG CONTINENTAL SIMOS 18 TC1797 CAN)
  • New Family 477 (VAG ECU Remapping BOSCH MED17.5.21 TC1782 CAN)

From Petrol remapping to Diesel remapping this new car tuning software update brings even more scope to the Kess V2 tuning tool, unlocking VAG ECU’s that previously were only tuneable on the bench. Why go for the stress of Anti-tune when the Kess now unlocks a whole new selection of vehicles via OBD.

New Truck Tuning News


Commercials vehicles really want a fast turnaround as time is money, so these two ECU further expand the capabilities of truck tuning with the Kess V2.

New Tractor Tuning News

  • New Family 474 (SAME TRACTOR BOSCH EDC17C53 CAN)

Agriculture tuning and remapping is a constant growing demand, so the Kess V2 now supports more Fendt, Same and Cummins Tractors.

DSG Tuning and Remapping

  • New Family 457 (VAG TEMIC DQ500)

Tune more VAG DSG ECU’s with the Temic DQ500 now supported for tuning with the Kess V2.

So what are waiting for, to tune the newest selection vehicles with the best in the industry via OBD, contact us today to ensure your license is up to date

Viezu Technical Academy at Full Throttle For 2015

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 by andy

VTA at Full Throttle

Viezu Technical Academy has another busy year lined up for 2015…

Our Trainer and Technical Director Simon White has helped a variety of visitors here at our training centre in Bromsgrove, UK!

With master tuning courses including classroom and practical tutoring on our rolling road, we have many people keen to learn the art of ECU file writing.

Visitors have come from across the world, and covered many subjects including: KTag, Master Kess II, ECM Titanium, Refresher Courses, Advanced File Developer, Gasoline Tuning, Diesel Tuning, Truck, Agricultural and Bike Tuning!

Viezu Technical Academy are providers of Car tuning course, file writing training course, ECM training, master tuner course, learn to remap cars, remapping training, Kess training, Alientech courses, chip tuning classes, ktag training

Ferrari F430 Exhaust Manifold Replacement

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 by andy

Ferrari F430 Exhaust Manifold Replacement

This stunning very low mileage Ferrari F430 came to us with the common F430 manifold cracking issue.
Unfortunately due to the Ferrari F430 manifold design and heat shield, the Ferrari F430 exhaust manifold and headers cannot vent heat efficiently enough causing overheating the standard Ferrari F430 manifolds to crack. This results in loss of exhaust gasses. Not only will this give a false reading to the lambda sensors but it will leak highly poisonous fumes dangerously close to the cabin – far from ideal!

A quick phone call to a Ferrari main dealer will tell you just how expensive the genuine Ferrari F430 manifolds are purchase and with many other Ferrari Fi 430 owners complaining of the genuine replacements cracking yet again we decided the most suitable option would be the tubular design Ferrari F430 stainless steel setup from IPE. After inspection of the new aftermarket Ferrari F430 manifolds we can safely say these are very well built and compared to the genuine Ferrari F430 manifolds they really do look the part! Venting the heat away from these will not be a problem due to the Ferrari F430 open engine bay allowing efficient enough heat dissipation from the manifolds to have no negative effects compared to standard ones!

Stock Cracked Ferrari F430 Manifolds

This fix to the cracking Ferrari F430 manifolds looks the part too, it will increase gas flow, will stop the cracking problem and the complete kit is also cheaper than the genuine Ferrari F430 manifolds!

Fitting wise, these Ferrari F430 manifolds without the detrimental heat shield are slightly skinnier and therefore slot into place better. On the left hand bank the starter motor and air con pump was removed for easier access, otherwise apart from some very tight manifold bolts which with the bulky large standard manifold in the way made it a bit difficult to swing a spanner in the space.

New Ferrari F430 Manifolds Fitted

All work completed in house at you can see more of our Ferrari tuning here:

Viezu’s On-line Tuning File Service – Processing Tuning Flies 24hrs a day – 365 days a year!

Monday, November 10th, 2014 by andy

Viezu’s On-line Tuning File Service – Processing Tuning Flies 24hrs a day – 365 days a year!

Viezu is delighted to announce the completion of our brand new 24hrs a day tuning file service- The unique Viezu Tuning File Dispatch Service. This is an additional tuning and remapping service for  Viezu Dealers giving them more choice in how to access their tuning car tuning and remapping tuning files.

Our tuning file dispatch Service enables you to process KessV2 tuning files outside of our normal opening hours and will always be live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving more flexibility to our international and national based car tuning dealers. This, alongside our Pay As You Go payment system, means you can better plan your customers tuning and your finances.

Viezu’s File Dispatch Service will be able to provide automatic KessV2 tuning files around the clock.

The Tuning Service and How It Works

Using our tuning file dispatch Service is as simple as attaching your tuning file and choosing the tune and remap level that you desire. Our custom made tuning and remapping software will automatically decode your tuning file and perform all the necessary steps to get your tune file ready.

Our tuning software system is designed to learn from previous tuned files and can create a custom tune file without any human intervention, providing it has seen it before. If this is a new variant then this is sent to the Viezu Technical team to process and will be added to the service meaning that over time it will support more file types. There are already 15,000 tuning file variations available for download.

Our Pay As You Go payment system, unique to this service, means that you only pay for the file when it is ready meaning you only pay for the tuning files you need, as you need them.  We also reward you for your use of the system, with 5 files or more processed within the month will give you a £10 discount for the next calendar month.

Our File Dispatch Service will create your tune files from the same research we have made with manually made files giving you the same custom tune files.

To start using our unique online tuning file service simply upload your KessV2 read files to the File Dispatch Website. No sign up or set-up needed.

You can e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact the Technical Department on 01527 579 345 to discuss this service or any further information on how to use it.

Brake Upgrades and Stopping Power from Viezu

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 by andy

Brake Upgrades and Stopping Power from Viezu

The most overlooked tuning upgrade on cars is brakes. With a booming industry of power and bolt on upgrades the brakes are too often than not forgot about leaving the most important safety feature lacking in performance.

Brake upgrades come in many different forms from outright 2 piece monster 8 pot AP racing setups to a simple brake pad upgrade with everything in between for your budget and driving style.
Every car brakes will stop the standard car, but with increased power and even handling characteristics will the brakes stop you the second and even third time after one hard stop? Uprated brakes give a much better feel, bite and a much more consistent performance.

Brake setups explained

Brake pad upgrades – Brake pads shall increase bite and give a more constant bite as they get hot. Standard brake pads shall start to loose bite and feel with increased heat, however a simple set of uprated pads shall give continued performance until almost 50% more temperature than standard! We can match a set of pads to your needs ranging from if you need a good and improved bite from cold with an everyday driving pad, to a full race pad where outstanding performance is needed at very high temperatures.

Brake pad & uprated disc upgrades – Following from brake pads, a good set of matched uprated discs and pads is the optimum upgrade for both performance and cost. While uprated brake pads give an increased and consistent bite at high temperatures standard discs performance shall be falling and their life decreased. The solution to this is uprated brake discs. These are made harder, for pro-longed life, and with the drilled and grooved option cool themselves much more effectively therefore trying to keep the pads within their optimum working temperature.
Complete brake setup – This option completely bins your original cars brakes and uses 2 piece discs and an all new calliper and braided hoses.

This option is the most tailored to you with options on size, disc grooves, calliper piston amount, colour, massive pad option, and brand. 2 Piece discs uses a bell which the disc then bolts on to, this gives the brakes much better cooling and helps to stop the heat being transferred into the cars hub which can then break down the grease in your hub bearings. The calliper is lightweight and contains more pistons than standard callipers (parts of the calliper that apply force to brake) hence giving more of a bite and more clamping force.

This type of setup is available for almost any car and is the best option when braking must be at its best. This setup gives the most reliable stopping power with the most consistent performance. The manufactures that we use also supply the complete brake setups for the majority of World Rally, BTCC, Hill Climbing, Clubman, and even classic cars!

Today we had an Audi S4 in the workshop with a customer looking for a brake upgrade. The most suitable and cost effective setup for the driving style was a set of EBC Ultimax Drilled & Grooved discs with EBC Pads. Compared to the old standard discs they look the part and now improve every aspect of the braking, with an increased bite, and massively better performance when hot.

you can see more information here viezu